Product Description and Mine Details

The company currently produces two types of products that will explain based on priorities:

I. Grain Lime or Calcium carbonate or caco3

Uses of Calcium carbonate are as follows:

  1. A) Steel Industries
  2. B) Cement factories


II. Micronized Powder Calcium Carbonate

Uses of this product are as follows:

In industries of plastic, Rubber, polymer, Wire and Cable, Ceramics, PVS color, Traffic color, Petroleum drilling, Granular pipe, Welding Electrodes and Making adhesive.

Monthly production of Calcium carbonate granulation with a size of 10-40 & 40-80 is 50,000 tons, and Monthly production of micronized powder with a minimum mesh of 200 is 2,000 tons in bags of 20 kg.

The mine and the factory is in Bandar Abbas and recently has reached exploitation. Now, about 50,000 tons of Calcium carbonate (Lime) is available .also about 1,000 tons of Micronized powder (CaCo3) with a mesh of 350 is available in bags of 20 kg.

Here is Calcium carbonate and Micronized powder analysis :

Grain Lime (Calcium carbonate) analysis

Micronized Powder Calcium Carbonate analysis

our product specification is as below:


Size : 0-40 & 40-80 mm

Purity : 97-98 %

Grain Lime (Calcium carbonate)

Size : 0-4 mm

Purity : 98-99%

Final Product

Calcium carbonate

Size : 200 Mesh-1000 Mesh

Purity : 99%

Finally, calcium carbonate packed as shown below :


Packing for calcium carbonate

A video about the mine is attached:

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Keshar Village – 30 Km Shahid

Rajaee Port – Bandar Abbas .


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